Freer Landscaping is a revolutionary business taking over the industry with the modern homeowner in mind. With everything from online payment methods to paperless advertising, Freer landscaping appeals to both commercial property owners and the individual homeowners alike. Everything is made sure to be done in both a cost-effective way and a timely manner as to further benefit the customer. 

The History

Freer Landscaping was founded in 2017 by Jordan D Freer. He started landscaping and lawn maintenance in his neighborhood as a way to earn a little money as a teenager. While in his later years of high school Jordan decided to expand his business into the Freer Landscaping you see today. Jordan's dream of owning his very own landscaping company finally started to see fruition. With a commitment to provide nothing less than high quality and detail-oriented work what could be better? We strive to always leave the property better than we found it.

Last Projects